My Story


Abused. Broken. Disconnected.

These are the three words that I would use to describe what I fully identified as. For years, the experiences that I had and the person I was defined me. One day, I finally became tired of feeling powerless to these things and decided to play a more intentional role in my life by the way I was choosing to live it.

A huge part of my personal transformation has been utilizing the Enneagram
( I'm a type 8, btw...) as a tool for increasing my level of self-awareness and practicing a life of redemption by how I interact with my faith, relationships, goals and aspirations, prioritizing self-care and mental health, and choosing things that energize me to live a full and meaningful life.

My hopes for us are to:
- Find unhealthy patterns in our lives and break them.
- Become intentional with the daily rhythms of our lives.
- Use our past to understand why we do what we do so we can use it as a catalyst for our personal transformation.

Practicing Redemption...

is based on the idea that the redemption we hope to experience in our lives requires our honest purposeful interaction. Currently, Practicing Redemption is a space where I share things that I am processing through in hopes of building a beautiful community of authentic, self-reflective and self-aware people that are looking for the same.

More About Me...

2016-08-21 12.05.02-1_preview.jpeg

I'm a naturalized American with a very proud Jamaican heritage.


I'm an artist that tells stories through music and writing.


Married to my H.S. sweetheart, we have a strongly decisive, music loving, compassionate toddler...


...and our always hungry, nap-taking fur baby, Milo.


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