Guest Post | Podcast Episode: Evolution Mama


I'd like to tell you about my friend, Cordelia. She recently did a podcast interview on DILLANSPIRATION Podcast where she shares her personal story that is both redemptive and informative about health and self-care. She is impacting the lives of so many women with her message and her personal experience.

Listen to Dillan's interview with Cordelia.


Cordelia, also known as Evolution Mama, is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, working to help moms rediscover themselves and improve their health. By teaching moms to prioritize daily self-care and healthy lifestyle habits, Cordelia helps her clients increase their energy, health, and confidence, manage their time and homes, and pursue their goals and dreams without guilt. Cordelia believes that self-care is necessary and endeavors to help moms put this notion into action.


Dillan DiGiovanni is an Integrative Nutrition health coach turned life coach leading a revolutionary conversation around personal identity as the path to self-acceptance to build a better world.

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