You Are Not Responsible For Them


I recently released an EP (Extended Play) album that is an amalgamation of how I began to process my trauma in my early twenties after initially moving 1000 miles away from home and the early stages of my process in therapy. So to say that the material is highly vulnerable is an understatement.

As I began the process of sharing my heart and becoming vulnerable with my experiences in the way that things were written, I started noticing that I'd get some of the same questions and comments about my art like, "Is it a gospel record?" "I didn't expect this kind of record from you." And so on and so forth.

Honestly, those types of questions and comments were annoying to me because I hate the feeling of being misunderstood. If someone were to understand but disagree with me, I'm completely okay with that but when someone doesn't get what I'm saying or what I'm about, I feel a level of frustration because they are missing the purpose of what I'm doing and who I am.

After enough introspection, I realized a few very important things:

People develop different ideas or versions of who we are based on their beliefs about how life should be lived.
When people have their own ideas about what the ideal life looks like, what they've seen you do in the past, or what is acceptable living is, they may develop a completely different version of you in their heads to fit that mold.

Don't collect all of the different versions of me that belong to other people.
Life shouldn't be lived by these versions because these figments of ourselves that are in other people's imaginations don't always mirror who we truly are.

It is not your responsibility to live into anyone's expectations of who they think we are.
This is not an excuse to be irresponsible  (although you have the freedom to be, if you so choose) but this is more of a gentle reminder that we are responsible for ourselves and not the feelings, beliefs, or perspectives of others about us.

Every person may not understand who you are, your vision, or your goals. They may not even agree with them. Yet still, live your life. Live according to your passions and convictions. The people that you resonate with will ultimately be the people you connect with.

So much love and light.


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