Dandelions & Redemption

Symbols are all around us. Symbols can be visual, audible, or even associated with smell. A ring can be the symbol of love. A song can be a symbolic representation of a memory from high school. Cue the Spice Girls here. The smell of roasted breadfruit can be olfactory symbolism, causing me to think of my fondness of my Jamaican culture.

When I was thinking about redemption, I had a memory of someone talking about dandelions. "Be like a dandelion," he said. I couldn't quite remember more than that so I started to look up the symbolism behind dandelions. I bumped into a few symbolic definitions that were very meaningful to me like these:

  • Healing from emotional and physical pain
  • Emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Surviving through challenges and difficulties

Many people find dandelions to be a nuisance. They pop up everywhere. You get rid of one and 10 more seem to come back. Even worse, a kid picks up one of the fluffy ones and blows it all over the yard, causing a dandelion eruption.

Although dandelions don't have the best reputation, you've got to give it to them. They're are resilient. They can thrive under the harshest conditions. This is a trait that we should all adopt.

Life can be hard. Some of you are dealing with seemingly impossible challenges. Some of you are putting out fires. Some of you feel broken.

Remember the dandelion.
Let's grow together.