5 Ways to Love Yourself Better

1. Spend time with yourself.

What are some things that you enjoy doing? Do them. Do them by yourself. Go shopping and try on things that you like without the opinion of another person. Take yourself out to lunch or dinner and savour the moment. Plan a trip by yourself. Plan a self-care retreat. Whatever you choose to do, do it by yourself.

2. Engage in more physical activity.

Everyone knows that working out is really important but I'd like to take that a step further. Don't just workout because it's good for you; workout with activities that you enjoy. If you have something that you look forward to doing, you'll probably stick to it because it is an enjoyable activity for you. 

3. Spend time with people that are loving and supportive of you.

Prioritize the people in your life that are uplifting and supportive of you. To be a little more specific- I'm not saying that you should keep "yes" people around. What i'm saying is, keep your true cheerleaders around. The people that are honest with you because they want to see you succeed, keep them. The folks that will celebrate with and cry with you, keep them, too.

Spend less time with people that flatter you, that are superficial, that generally don't make you feel loved.

4. Take a breather.

Life happens. It isn't always feasible for someone to get away or afford to go out to eat. This doesn't meant that you can take 30 minutes to an hour to reconnect with yourself. Put down the phone. Turn of social media. Tune into yourself. Connect with your breathe. Be present. Find gratitude.

5. Practice healthy self-talk.

Learn to be compassionate toward yourself. Speak to yourself kindly. Be honest with yourself with the intention to see yourself grow and evolve. 

Many times, it can be easy to treat others better than we treat ourselves. It can be easier to give than to receive. We may have a tendency to pour out than to be poured into. Practicing loving yourself because you are also worth loving.