Caring for Your Sanctuary

If you're anything like me, when your space is messy, you're mind is messy and vice versa. In my experience, both of those things feed into each other. If my space is overwhelmed with stuff, my mind and heart are typically overwhelm with 'stuff' as well. This tends to become a very cyclical issue for me. This inspired me to embark on a journey of less.

Yes, I'm referring to minimalism. No, I'm not suggesting that you get rid of everything except a twin bed, a chair, and one pot. No, I'm not suggesting that you throw caution to the wind, quit your job, and live off the grid in a tiny house. Although, if any of those things are life-giving for you, go for it!

I am referring to minimalism in the sense that I have been in a process of culling and curating my life and my things. This process has taken a while for me. I'm actually still in the middle of it. I have been taking inventory of what I use, what I don't use, what I love, and what doesn't suit me so that I can choose and discard accordingly.



If you want to start your process of culling and curating your space, these are a few ways that work for me that I can suggest to you:

Decluttering your home.
Some may suggest doing it all in one day. If you have time for that, awesome! Get it done. If you're anything like me, you may not have one whole day to do this. I have been splitting up my culling and curating process over the last few months. I've gotten rid of clothing, books, papers, and other things that don't contribute goodness to my life. I still have quite a few papers to get through but I'm also a *wee bit* hyper vigilant so I need time so I can shred things. Either way, getting rid of the clutter is a necessary step because you can't clean clutter. Thing will only end up messy again. In addition to that, if you have less things, you have less things to clean. If you have things you love and are useful, you'll want to care for them because they're your favorites.

Keeping a cleaning routine.
I'm either the cleanest or the filthiest person; there's no in between. Well, maybe not the filthiest but I think, to some degree, we may all have this thought about ourselves- which may be why we apologize when someone comes over, though we've spent the day making it look like no one lives there.

I digress.

The problem with my binary cleaning life is that it isn't efficient. I don't have time to deep clean everything, every single day. It also is life draining to me to have things everywhere. I've found that if I keep a schedule of the things that I need to do daily to keep the mess from overflowing and then one or two tasks that I do on the same days on a weekly basis, I can be more productive in those accumulative little steps than trying to deep clean every day because to be honest, I won't deep clean every day. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Creating spaces you love with things you love.
Surround your space with things you love. Becoming a minimalist doesn't mean that you abandon the things you love. In fact, it means the exact opposite.It asks you to question what you have allowed into your life and it demands you proclaim your love for it or let it go.Keeping things around because of obligation doesn't elicit care. When my home is filled with things that I love, I feel that love in my space. I feel a sense of settledness and empowerment because they're things I chose that make my heart feel joy.

Intersecting beauty and usefulness.
I find it extremely important to find beauty in the things that I need to do life. Containers, mugs, paper towel holder, storage. I love when I can find beauty in the things I use all of the time. It inspires me to live in a way that is intentional because I've intentionally surrounded myself with things that were both chosen with intention and have purpose.

The act of curation is important because it helps us to be proactive and intentional about our lives. It can teach us to be present in our space and give us a greater sense of love and appreciation for our things. We all need things. The amount of things and what those things are dependent upon the person. The way we care for our space and the things we choose to fill it with can be a place to add presence and beauty to our lives.