3 Easy Ways to Stick to a Workout Routine

1. Set a (realistic) schedule that you can stick to.
It isn't feasible for everyone to be in the gym 6 or 7 days a week and if you're just getting started with a healthy lifestyle of eating well and working out, the thought of being in the gym every day can be overwhelming. So, start by setting a more realistic schedule that you can actually execute. It's better for your morale to be able to start with going 2 days a week adding days than having to take days away.

2. Do workouts that you enjoy.
Do you like to dance? Do you want something slower and contemplative? Or, do you enjoy feeling the burn and pumping some iron? Ask yourself which physical activities you enjoy doing and pursue those. Go take a dance class. Breathe deeply in a yoga class. Grunt with the best of them in a weight lifting class. If you enjoy running and getting lost in your favorite soundtrack, go for it!

3. Utilize your workout time to do other things that you enjoy.
I am a little bit (a-lotta bit) of a podcast junkie. If I have one of my favorite podcasts on, working out becomes something that I look forward to and not a bore when I'm working out without my beloved trainer. Other times, I need to put one of my favorite playlists or Netflix or Hulu and catch up on my shows. The operative word here is favorite. The key is to create pleasurable experiences while you're working out. The show that you've been living to catch up on- watch that bad boy on the treadmill or elliptical. In my case, I love to listen to my podcasts while on the row machine.

Bonus: Get a trainer.
I have one. She's incredible, for more reasons than her being my trainer. But she motivates me to be better. When I am struggling with an exercise, she keeps me focused and encourages me but trusts me when I'm really at the end of myself.

Have you recently started a workout routine?
Have you been working out for a while?
How do you stay inspired?