Guest Post | Sometimes Dreams Do Come True, But It May Take Some Time

This post was written by Michelle Hinson-Harris in. She is sharing her story about patience, self-trust, and enjoying her journey.

A few years ago, I went back to school to get a nutrition degree. I had already completed my 200 hour yoga training, and had been teaching for a little over a year. I was nervous, scared, and unsure if it would payoff. Yet, I knew that my five-year plan following grad school included pursuing this new degree. With much support and nudging from my loving husband, I embarked on a year and a half journey towards my second bachelors degree in Nutrition Science.

This past May, I completed this degree, graduating with honors. Shortly afterward, we relocated to a new city. We knew no one, had no connections, no church, no yoga studio, and a tiny house thirty minutes away from a larger city. How on earth am I supposed to pursue this dream of being a health coach? I just left a city where I had a great support group, community, and connections. This meant, I needed to start from scratch and work my butt off in order to get what I know is part of my calling.

I have always said that having dreams are only good if you are doing something in order to make those dreams your reality. Dreaming to dream is a waste of time. Dreaming in order to change your present situation, is being an active participant in your own life.

I started slowly, trying out every yoga studio and gym in the area. I got connected to a gym to teach, but wound up having one of my classes get cancelled for low attendance. Let me tell you, that sucks! At first, it is easy to blame myself for not being a good instructor, not being liked by those at the gym, not being relatable, etc. Then, I take a few steps back. I realize maybe the time doesn’t work for some, maybe not many know about the class, or maybe there are some who are intimidated by the idea of yoga. I persevered, stuck it out, kept my chin up, and tried to be as encouraging and empowering as possible to my students.

In the meantime, I decided to work on launching my health coaching website. A lot of time and hard work later, my website launched in November of 2016. Around the same time, I started teaching another yoga class. This time, I saw my numbers slowly begin to increase. Students were thanking me and planning to come week-after-week. I began feeling part of this community, and hopeful for my future of teaching in our new city. I also started getting ideas about where I want my yoga teaching to be in 2017. More workshops, athletic recovery, beginner friendly, specialty classes, etc. As soon as I got the idea I reached out to nursing homes, retirement communities, martial arts studios, hospitals, and schools. Some got back to me, while others I never heard from. What happened, though, is one contact got back to me; the martial arts studio.

As of the first of the year, I am teaching twice at the gym and twice at the martial arts studio. Those who did not have access to yoga before, look forward to seeing me weekly. They notice they are calmer, can perform better, and already see subtle difference in their minds and bodies.

No one has responded to my website as of today. But, I already have a nutrition seminar in the works for a 12 week transformation program at the martial arts studio. This could lead to personal one-on-one nutrition sessions, or it could simply lead to some word of mouth. What it is teaching me along the way is 1). I actually know what I am doing 2). I am seeing my gifts and talents and am no longer afraid to use them 3). It takes guts to take the first step, but that step will lead to a beautiful journey!

So, to all of you beautiful dreamers out there who haven’t seen any progress: make a short list of achievable goals for the next 6 months, plan on working toward those goals at least one day a week, and don’t be afraid of the unknown. A quote that stood out to me at a conference I attended back in November is “Do it Afraid!”



About Michelle

I teach yoga, I love being outside, I love cooking fresh and seasonal foods. I am a health coach, supporter of natural medicine, and aspire to live life to the fullest in all that I do.