5 Simple Steps to Creating the Capsule Wardrobe of Your Dreams

Photo Courtesy of CreateHerStock

Photo Courtesy of CreateHerStock

There have been too many times that I've stood in front of my closet thinking - I have nothing to wear. And it's true. I had nothing to wear, in theory. My closet was filled with things I will wear one day, piece in which I loved the price and not the item, and shoes that I subconsciously know I have no intention of walking in.

In 2015, I experienced an incredible amount of freedom when I had a capsule wardrobe throughout my pregnancy and in the first year of my daughter's life. Somehow, a ton of things made it back into my wardrobe again. And I'm pretty irritated about it. I don't want to keep things that I don't love. I don't have the time or the energy to commit to things that aren't serving a purpose in my life. 

Capsule wardrobes had become pretty popular in the last few years, especially since many people are not trying to live more minimal lives. When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe, it seems like your personality needs to be laid on the altar of neutrals and solids.

This is not true, my friends.

If you're feeling this way too, I have some great tips to get you started on building your capsule wardrobe.

  1. Don't start with the  full number of items you want in your capsule wardrobe.
    There are a lot of suggestions that involve choosing a number of items you'd like to keep your closest at and then fill it with items from there. I've tried this. I hate it. If you think it'll work for you, cool. Otherwise- just don't.
  2. Before doing anything else, write down all of the categories of clothing you want in your wardrobe.
    Write down all ot the clothing categories that you wear. For example: Pants, Skirts, Tops, Outerwear.
  3. Decide the specific items you want to have in each category.
    After you jot down your clothing categories, THEN decide how many of each item you need, according to your lifestyle and preferences. So, if you love tutus, that will go in your skirt category with any other skirt you may need to complete your wardrobe.
  4. Build your capsule wardrobe around your personal style.
    Do you enjoy a more classic, edgy, or whimsical aesthetic? Do you enjoy a mix of many different styles? When you're choosing your pieces, let your personal style be reflected in the items in each category.
  5. Build your wardrobe around the colors that you wear.
    We all have certain colors that we gravitate toward and others that we may not wear at all. Somehow, someway- I always end up in black, grey, army green, and white. I wear a few other colors to but I almost never wear red, any other green (besides army green), or pastel shades.

To get the most wear out of your capsule wardrobe, it can be helpful to figure out which colors you enjoy wearing, what kind of style you love, and which clothing items you can't live without. 

A capsule wardrobe is helpful to help simplify your life and space. The ultimate goal isn't to fill my closet with useless pieces that cause me to say "I have nothing to wear," but to fill my wardrobe with items that I love.